Thank you letter

Dear Children and Parents,

On behalf of the Bournville Village Council I wish to say thank you to everyone who was involved with the Bournville Village Maypole in 2016. It was an excellent performance especially due to the wet weather for the afternoon performance but them on the evening the sun came out, a great success by all the children who took part. A special thank you to Sue and Olivia Walsh the maypole teachers for their conscientious efforts throughout the practices.

Where would we be without so many willing parents to encourage their children to register each year and to ferry them to and from practices. No-one needs a bigger thank you than you the parents.

The Village Council are very aware that some children in today’s world of technology find it difficult to relate to anything as old fashioned as the Maypole. However, if only they were to hear and see the people in the Bournville Community who absolutely love it, maybe they would be willing to keep on giving themselves over to the Maypole. There is no doubt that it is a dearly loved event and it would be very sad to lose it and if numbers should fall too dramatically it will certainly be lost.

Again, I thank all of you, children and parents alike, for Maypole 2016 and please do let us try to put on a fantastic maypole in 2017. Fingers crossed that the weather will be a little kinder to us.

Best wishes

Bill Rice



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12 December 2018

BBC News - Technology

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