Bournville Council members

The Bournville Village Council is the body elected by residents controlled by the Bournville Village Trust, bounded by the Bristol Road South, Selly Oak, Stirchley, Kings Norton and Northfield.

Del Wilford : Chairman

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Cllr. Rob Sealey

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Geoff Davis

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Jean Dunlevy

I have lived in Bournville for approximately nineteen years.

I am the mother to three children, two girls and a boy, I am also grandmother to six grandchildren three girls, three boys.

My family have bought me great pleasure and along with the many people I have had dealings with, throughout my working life, have help me to develop strong communication and organisation skills which will be a great benefit to the BVC.

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Nigel Dawkins

I have been a member for over 10 years I think. Its been fun helping with all of the great events we put on each year.

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Don Julian

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Mark Isgrove

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Sarah Bennett

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Anne Myers

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Elizabeth Brooke

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Jessica Allan : Bournville Village Trust Representative

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