Our Constitution

Bournville Village Council Constitution

1. Area of Representation

The Bournville Village Council (hereinafter called the Council) is the body elected by residents of that area of the City of Birmingham controlled by the Bournville Village Trust, bounded by the Bristol Road South, Selly Oak,, Stirchley, Kings Norton and Northfield (which is shown on the map of the Council area )

2. Objects of the Council

To serve as a medium of communication between the residents and the Bournville Village Trust and other bodies on matters concerned with the general well being, welfare and social life of the community.

( a ) To appoint committees and arrange public meetings to further the objects of the this Council.

( b ) To arrange and present the annual Village Festival.

( c ) To supervise management of appropriate community facilities.

( d ) To inform residents in the area of the activities of the Council.

( e ) To nominate persons to represent the Council on any suitable relevant local board or

( f ) To organise the elections for the representative on the Management Scheme Committee in
strict accordance with established procedure

( g ) To promote or engage in any activities which are compatible with the welfare of the
community including acting as a neighbourhood Forum in association with the City Council.

3. Constitution

The Council shall consist of 15 members elected by the qualified residents in the area. A qualified resident is one who has attained their eighteenth birthday on the day of the election and has been a resident for a period of at least twelve months in the area represented by the Council and be on the list of local government electors for a relevant address. In addition the Bournville Village Trust may nominate its representative to attend the Council meetings as an observer.

Persons under the age of 18 may be admitted to a junior membership but shall not have voting rights. Persons with less then 12 months residence may become associates of the Council but shall not have voting rights.

4. Annual Residents Meeting

There shall be an annual meeting open to all residents at which the Council shall give an account of its work. The annual meeting shall be called with at least 14 days notice by exhibition of posters on the Council’s Official notice boards

5. Officers of Council

Officers of the Council shall consist of a Chairman and Vice Chairman who must have served on the Council for a period of one year, Secretary, Treasurer and Festival Secretary and any other appointments which the Council may deem fit to make. Officers shall be annually elected at the first meeting of the Council after the full election except that elections of persons to serve on the various committees may take place when the Council consider appropriate.

6. Duties of the Chairman

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Council and residents meetings , sign the minutes of the previous meeting, maintain order during the business of the meeting and act impartially in their dealings with other members. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

7. Duties of the Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman shall assist the Chairman and take over in the absence of the Chairman.

8. Duties of the Treasurer

The treasurer shall receive all money paid into the funds of the council and issue all demands in connection therewith, keep a record of all receipts and disbursements, bank all funds not required for current expenses and in conjunction with the Chairman or other authorised Officer sign all cheques issued in payment of the Council liabilities. All accounts shall be brought before the Council and a record of them kept. At the end of each year the Treasurer shall prepare a statement of accounts showing transactions and produce all bills and vouchers for examination by the auditor who shall be appointed by the Council.

9. Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall summon, and keep a record of all Council and any other meetings, as required by the Council. The Secretary shall also carry out the instructions, which the Council from time to time may issue.

10. Quorum

Seven members of the Council shall form a quorum at all meetings and which shall be competent to transact any business, which may be brought forward on the official agenda. Inquorate meetings may vote on any matter subject to ratification at the next quorate meeting before being acted on.


On joining the Council and at any relevant meeting every member shall declare their interest with regard to suppliers of goods and services who may be used from time to time by the Council and such members shall not vote on that matter.

12. Period of Election

Every person elected to the Council shall serve for a period of three years, unless disqualified under any of the conditions, which follows: –

13. Resignation or Loss of Residential Qualification

In the event of a member of the Council ceasing to reside in the Council area, or by tendering his resignation

(a) Should the unexpired term of office exceed twelve months the Council may proceed to fill
the position at the next annual election.

(b) Should the unexpired term of office be less then twelve months then the Council may deal
with the matter as they deem advisable.

Elected members of the Council are expected to attend all meetings of the Council and failure to attend at least six full Council meetings in any 12 month period other then for reasons of ill-health or compassionate reasons, at the discretion of the Council, shall result in the member’s disqualification as a member of the Council and the decision must be taken at a subsequent Council meeting and the rules for filling the unexpired term of office as in paragraph 10 shall apply.

14. Life Membership

An elected member of the Council having attained the normal age of retirement from employment and having served continuously as a member of the Council for a minimum period of 15 years may at the discretion of the Council be granted life membership and enjoy the status of an elected member. At its discretion the Council may also confer life membership on a member who has served continuously for a period of 15 years but not reached the required age as above.

15. Elections rules and procedure

( i ) Numbers to retire

One third members of the Council shall retire annually.

(ii) Nominations

Requests for nominations shall be made by exhibition of notices on the Council’s official notice
boards for a period of no less then 14 days before the closure date for nomination. Every person
nominated for the Council shall have been resident in the Council’s area for at least 12 months
and be at least eighteen years of age on day of the election and be on the list of local government
electors Nomination papers must be signed by the person nominated and by the proposer and
seconded, both of whom must be qualified residents. A resident may only propose or second one
candidate at each election. The nomination paper duty completed and accompanied by an
undertaking to serve if elected shall be delivered to the Secretary on or before the closure date set
by the Council.

(iii) Elections

Elections will take place if the number of persons nominated exceeds the vacancies to be filled.
The election shall be by secret ballot and shall be held before the annual meeting.

(iv) Conduct of Elections

The following rules shall be observed in the conduct of the elections

The use of vehicles, issue of election address or public display of literature and all house to house
canvassing by the candidates or others shall be prohibited and deem that candidate to be
disqualified for election for two years thereafter.

A candidate may furnish a statement of not than 100 words about their qualifications for office and
that such information shall be on display at the polling station,


Details of the ballot shall be exhibited on the Council’s official notice boards for a period of at least 7 days before date of election. Each qualified resident may vote for as many candidates as there are positions to be filled.

16. Co-option

The Council is empowered to co-opt up to five persons, if in their judgement such co-options are in the interests of the Council. Any person so co-opted shall have full rights as a Council member.
Co-option shall automatically expire after one year, and may be extended as the Council think fit.

17. Other Committees

The Council may co-opt persons to serve on committees without limits as to numbers and with voting powers.

18. Dissolution and Disposal of Residual Funds

In the event of the Council being dissolved for any reason, all residual funds held by the Council shall after payment of all outstanding charges and discharging any other liabilities for which they are legally responsible at that time, be disposed of as follows.

(a) Any credit balance of monies held by the Village Festival Committee specifically for that event shall be added to the general funds of the Council, who may at their discretion transfer these funds together with cups and trophies annually awarded to prize winners, to any organisation designated to take over the running of the Festival, unless at that time it has been decided to discontinue the Festival, in which case the Council shall otherwise dispose of these assets.

(b) Funds held by Dame Elizabeth Hall Management Committee or other community group under the Council at that time shall be transferred to the Bournville Village Trust for the provision of such other community facilities as they may decide at their absolute discretion, and any debt made good as far it is practicable from other funds available to the Council at that time in accordance with (d) below.

(c) The Council shall arrange the sale of all disposable assets held by them other than in pecuniary form and to which they have outright title at that time, and add the proceeds to their remaining funds.

(d) Finally the Council shall at their absolute discretion allocate any remaining funds and property, if any, to such local community organisations as they deem fit and publish details of this in one or more independent local newsletters available to every resident in the former Council Area.

19 Amendments to the Constitution

Any proposals must be notified in writing to the secretary not less then 21 days prior to the annual public meeting and be ratified by Two-thirds majority of Council Members present and by the majority of residents present at an annual public meeting.


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