Bournville’s Two Conservation Areas

The unique character and historical significance of parts of the Bournville Estate led to the designation by Birmingham City Council, in 1971, of two Conservation Areas. The larger one, ‘Bournville Village Conservation Area', covers some 77 hectares (191 acres) and includes the earliest part of the Bournville Estate to be built. ‘Bournville Tenants Conservation Area’ covers only 9 hectares (22.5 acres) and was designed as a small-scale Bournville following the success of the earlier development. The extent of the two conservation areas can be identified from the enclosed pdf files produced by Birmingham City Council.

The City Council has a duty to ensure that any developments within the conservation areas which require planning permission, including extensions or other exterior work, ‘preserve or enhance’ the special architectural and historic character for which the areas were originally designated.
Click here to view the detailed pdf image of the Bournville Village Conservation Area.
Click here to view the detailed pdf image of the Bournville Tenants Conservation Area.


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12 December 2018

BBC News - Technology

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