Bournville’s Two Conservation Areas

The Bournville Village Council is the official residents’ association for Bournville and covers one of the largest areas in Birmingham. It is almost 100 years since the organisation was first setup by George Cadbury. Not only does the Bournville Village Council represent the interests of Bournville residents but its members also organise some great Bournville events such as the annual Bournville Village Festival and the wonderful Bournville Christmas Lights switch on.

The Bournville Village Council organise the famous Bournville Village Festival
It’s not all hard work, the council hold two meetings per month, each lasting around 90 minutes with tea, coffee and good company. Its a great opportunity to be a part of the Village Council, put forth ideas and experience the fun with your colleagues and neighbours. We are always looking for new members; residents of Bournville who feel they have something to contribute. Could you be such a person? Are you looking for a way to help and serve Bournville? Why not contact us to learn more using our contact form on the front page, or phone us and have a chat; perhaps even attend one of our meetings? I look forward to hearing from you. Bill Rice Chairman of the Bournville Village Council


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