The Bournville Society plays host to England’s oldest rambling group

After receiving an illustrated presentation on the history of the Estate from the Bournville Society the Institute Ramblers, founded at Birmingham’s Midland Institute in 1894, requested a Bournville walk in July.

With a predicted 30°C+ of heat plans were made to shorten this six mile circular walk but in the event 28 members of the rambling group enjoyed a pleasantly warm, 23°C day.

At the start of the walk drinks were taken at Rowheath Pavilion in the centre of 60 acres of sports provision. Following Gallow’s Brook through Woodlands Park the group progressed to Manor Farm Park, the 50 acre estate of George Cadbury left to the city in 1951 comprising woodlands, meadows and a lake.

After a peek at what is left of Manor House, the former Cadbury home, Weoley Hill estate parks led the group towards Bournville Green past the yachting pool following Wood Brook through three more parks. Lunch was taken at Bournville Green to the sound of the Carillon bells.

With a waft of chocolate in the air the walk back to Rowheath Pavilion took the group through the Cadbury factory paths to emerge onto the works recreation ground in front of the country’s best example of an Arts and Crafts pavilion.

Skirting the cricket match on these grounds a further warren of passages led back to Rowheath car park.

Maps of the walk are obtainable from the Bournville Society.


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